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"You go to the ballet and you see all the girls dancing on their tiptoes. Why don't they just get taller girls?" ba-dum-, ching! =)

I love jokes! And dance, and theater, and circus, and photography, and gummy bears, in fact there's not much I don't enjoy. Isn't life great? And being able to spend my entire life working in the arts is such a gift. I have spent over 30 years working in entertainment - as an Equity Actor, dancer, singer, IATSE stagehand, designer, stage manager, teacher, and so much more. I've toured around the globe from Hawaii to Lebanon, worked on feature films and television shows broadcast worldwide, and even worked as a marionette puppeteer.

But why should you care about any of that? I'll tell you why -

My years of experience in the industry has given me a special understanding of the needs of professional performers and productions. I know what makes for a good headshot. I can see when a dancer is actually en pointe. I know how to help you get into a good planche on aerial silks, and I can rig your point as well. ( I am an ETCP Certified Rigger - Arena and Theater (#1277) as well as a Master Photographer and CPP.)

I photograph what I know. I DON'T photograph weddings, or infants, or quinceaneras. Just entertainment. I'm not only thinking about the lighting, composition, and all the other photography mumbo-jumbo, but I'm considering how this image will promote your career. Or get your next contract. Or gain attention for your production.

Even as a dance school student, great dance photos make a huge difference! Sure, you could do the same old image of the dancer standing in 1st position with "beach ball arms" in front of a tired background. Or, we can create an image of your dancer dancing - making beautiful and breathtaking images of them doing what they love, which then inspires them to work harder and follow their dreams. It should never be just another dance school pic. I am a Ft. Lauderdale-based photographer, traveling worldwide, who will give you great headshots, amazing dance photos and circus portraits, and service you can count on.  So no matter where you are, EPS can help.

Please wander through the galleries here, and see the results of our passion. Everyone at EPS loves performing. We all are, or were, professional performers. We really, really, do love what we do. As well as silly jokes -

A dancer walks into a bar. She says "Can I get some glow tape on this thing, please?!?"